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A.I. Ch'angga | 2019

Project A.I. Ch’angga aims to simulate the music of the early 20th century’s Korea using machine learning. Ch’angga refers to the music that was educated in the schools in Korea mostly during Japanese Colonial Era in the early 20th century. This project has been initiated from the question: “What music would have been created in Korea in the early 20th century if there had not been Japanese colonial era?”. We built a music generation model using a LSTM network using music around the time from China, Russia, Japan, and Korea and had it generate music changing the degree of the influence from each country. Our preliminary results suggest that machine learning could be used to simulate the cultural products of an era based on a hypothetical history.


Sanghyeob Lee and Jusub Kim, A.I. Changga, ISEA 2019 Demo Program


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