Theatre of the Future: 360 VR Hanbok Art Perfromance - Color Space 

This project explores the possibility of VR for performing arts. In digital space, everyone can be VIP-level audience sitting in the best seat. We used a 360 video camera (6 GoPro cameras) to capture the whole environment of the stage. An audience watches the show with a HMD device such as Google Cardboad or Samsung Gear VR. The audience feels like the whole show is performed only for himself or herself. Suddenly the audience becomes the main character of the show rather than a spectator. 

Select scenes from 360 VR Hanbok Art Performance. Filmed at Mary Hall, Sogang University on Feb 1, 2016

360 VR Hanbok Art Performance Color Space, 2016  

Please watch this on any VR Headset such as Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR for full immersive experience.

Co-Produced by Seonok Park and Jusub Kim

360 VR Hanbok Art Performance Color Space - Making Film, 2016  

Edited by Shinhyo Kim

    Creative Computing Group | Dept. of Art & Technology | School of Media, Arts, and Science

    Sogang University | 35 Baekbeom-ro, Seoul, South Korea