Jusub Kim, Ph.D. | 김주섭


Jusub Kim is a creative technologist, human-computer interaction researcher, and educator at the intersection of art and technology. His work focuses on the creative uses of computing and the new computational media that create new values in the arts, culture, and entertainment. Previously, he worked at the Software Team of Rhythm & Hues Studios in Los Angeles and contributed to the productions of about a dozen major Hollywood feature films including Life of PI which won the best visual effects Oscar in the 85th Academy award. He received a Ph.D. in Computer Graphics from University of Maryland, College Park, M.S. in Computer Vision, and B.S. in Electronic Engineering from Yonsei University in Seoul. He served as the founding chair of the Art & Technology Undergraduate and Graduate program at Sogang University and founded the Creative Computing Group. He is currently a professor of Department of Art & Technology in School of Media, Arts, and Science at Sogang University in Seoul.    

Research Interests:

Computational Media, Human-Computer Interaction, New Media for Social Change

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Master Students 


Dayoung Lee | 이다영 | B.A.S. in Art & Technology

Research interests : VR, AR, Games
Email : allzero at


BoYoung Lim | 임보영 | B.A. in Film, TV, & Multimedia

Research interests | VR & AR, Media art, Digital storytelling, Deep Learning

Email | niksabyy at


Beksin Sung | 성백신 | B.A. in Painting

Beksin Sung | 성백신 | B.A. in Painting

Research Interests | Physical Computing, New Media Art

Email | sungbeksin at

Website |


Hyesun Han | 한혜선 | B.A. in Korean Literature & Journalism and Media

Research interests | VR & AR, Media Arts, Computer Graphics

Email | hsun1994 at


Jongkuk Won | 원종국 | B.A. in Computer Science

Research interests | Extraterrestrial intelligence, Multidisciplinary art

Email |

Website |


Jungmin Park | 박정민 | B.A. in Visual Communication & Industrial Design

Research interests | Deep Learning, Creative Coding, Interaction Design, Media Art

Email | raspberry402 at

Website |

Ph.D. Students 


Haejung Suk | 석혜정 | M.F.A. in Photographic Design

Research interests: VR/AR, HCI, 3D Graphic Design, Interactive Storytelling

Email |


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Yunyoung Jang | 장윤영 | M.A.S. in Art & Technology

Research interests : Interactive Media Art, Projection Mapping, Video Art
Email : artyunyoung at 


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Sanghyeop Lee | 이상협 | M.A.S. in Art & Technology

Research interests : Sound, Music, Film Music
Email : zkfkzkfk2006 at


Master Students 


Jihyun Park | 박지현 |

Research interests | VR, AR, HCI

Email | carpedie7720 at


Seungwan Ha | 하승완 | Dept. of Informatics at Indiana University

Research interests | Data Visualization, Interactive Data, New Media

Email | haseungwan.91 at 

Website |


Yunsun Son | 손윤선 | Scatter Lab

Research interests | Media art Performance, Digital storytelling, Soundscape contents, Sonification

Email | baroomy1004 at


Sieun Park | 박시은 | Sogang University

Research interests : Virtual Reality, Media Art, Interaction Design
Email : je4242 at

Website :


Shinhyo Kim | 김신효 | KT Immersive Media Team

Research Interests | Virtual reality, Digital storytelling, UX Design 

Email | eunice7100 at

Website |


Seonghun Park | 박성훈 | Lotte

Research interests | Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Digital Storytelling

Email | tairun at

Website |


Yeorim Choi | 최여림 | Scatter Lab

Research interests | Deep Learning, Data Visualization, New media performance

Email | yeorim812 at


Minsoo Kang | 강민수 | California Institutes of Arts

Research interests | Physical Computing, Immersive Technology, New Media Arts

Email | mingshu230 at


Soyoung Han | 한소영 | Yahoo, Sunnyvale, CA

Research interests | VR & AR, UIUX Design 

Email | han2804 at

Undergraduate Students 


Saebom Kwon | 권새봄 | University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, School of Information

Research Interests |  Human Computer Interaction, Interaction design

Portfolio |


Boyoon Shim | 심보윤 | 사회적기업 안테나

Research Interests | Psychology based Lifelogging Experience Design,  Sustainable Symbiotic Experience Design

Email | boyoonshim at


Chae-Lin Park | 박채린 | KAIST Graduate School of Culture Technology

Research Interests | Media Art, New Media, Immersive Technology, Sonification

Portfolio |


Seyeong Kim | 김세영 | KAIST Graduate School of Design

Research Interests | Human Centered Design, Eco Design, Human Computer Interaction, Physical Computing

Email | srkim7733 at