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Choreographing Digital Water

This project explores the possibility of using virtual dancers for live synesthetic experience. Digitally created water is explored as a metaphoric extension of the virtual dancers’ arms and hands. The non-abstract physically-based digital water’s movements are choreographed based on Laban's movement analysis and performed/improvised in real-time by a human performer using the piano as the interface. This work suggests that the non-abstract representational visual elements directed by the musical instrument have potential to be used for providing a synesthetic experience in live performance setting.

Jusub Kim, Digital Dance: The Watery Extension of Man, 13th International Conference on New Interface for Musical Expression (NIME), 2013

Jusub Kim, The Watery Piano, Special Award in New Media Art, PyungChang Biennale, 2013


The watery piano is a new interface that one can use to express one's musical emotion visually instead of sound. We use digital water as a medium and the player choreographs and performs digital water in real-time using the familiar interfaces, musical chords and the keyboard, for expressing his/her musical emotions.



1. Jusub Kim, Choreographing Digital Water for Interactive Water Performance, Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment (LNICST), Volume 136, pp 36-45, 2014

2. Jusub Kim , A Study on Choreographing and Performing Digital Water, Journal of Korea Digital Design, Vol. 13, No. 13, 2013

PATENT:  10-1506667

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