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Future MindCare:  Crowdsourced MindCare

This is a collaborative research project with Dept. of Psychology. We aim to develop new Scalable MindCare Solutions that can be effectively applied to many people who suffer from minor depression or anxiety disorder as an alternative to the traditional one to one psychotherapy methods usually done in the counseling office.


1. Soyoung Han, Hyang Sook Kim, and Jusub Kim, Crowdsourcing-based Psychotherapy Application UX Design, HCI Korea 2017, Feb. 2017

2. Yourim Kim, Yujin Bang, Eunyoung Son, Jusub Kim, and Hyang Sook Kim, The effectiveness of CBT based Mobile Application on Mental Health, The Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, Aug 9, 2018

PATENT Pending: 10-2017-0023744

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