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Storytelling of the Future: HoloStory

The recently developed HMD type augmented reality device Microsoft's Hololens has various possibilities in the development of augmented reality contents. In this study, we focus on the storytelling, and propose a new immersive interactive storytelling method using Hololens. Through this, we seek to transform storytelling methods from 'sit & watch' to 'walk & experience'.


1. Shinhyo Kim, Soyoung Han, and Jusub Kim, Hololens-based Immersive Interactive Storytelling Design: From 'Sit & Watch' to 'Walk & Experience', HCI Korea 2017, Feb. 2017


1. Shinhyo Kim, Soyoung Han, and Jusub Kim, HoloStory, HCI Korea Creative Award, 2017 

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