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Theatre of the Future: Ensemble of Electronic Music and Piano

This project continues to explore the possibility of using live (interactive) animation for performing arts. I collaborated with two composers, Dr. Timothy Johnson & Dr. Kyongmee Choi, on their two musics' world and Korea premier at Seoul Arts Center (예술의 전당 IBK 챔버홀). Both Choi and Johnson are Chicago-based composers and artists. Dr. Choi is an associate professor of the music composition program at Chicago College of Performing Arts and Dr. Johnson is internationally known for music that integrates disparate materials into a multiplicity of expressive dimensions. The animations for the two pieces of music were interactively created in the performance place.

Jusub Kim, Monet Listens to Debussy, Suseong Artpia Concert Hall, 2013

Zoological Requiem (World Premier on  Jun 19, 2015 at Seoul Arts Center_예술의전당)

Composition by Timothy Johnson
Visual Design by Jusub Kim 
Sop.어은정, Fl.이지연, Vn.이현정, Vc.이현정, Pf.이주혜, 장진영, 이진화, 김민정


The theme of the piece is environmental destruction and endangered/extinct species. 

Dawn and Dusk (Korea Premier on  Jun 19, 2015 at Seoul Arts Center_예술의전당)


Composition by Kyong mee Choi

Visual Design by Jusub Kim

pf.권주희, 김민정


This piece depicts the two special moments of daily experience: dawn and dusk.


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