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Art & Tech Week Academia Forum

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Hosted by the Arts Council of Korea (한국문화예술위원회), an academic forum was held to explore the achievements of major art and technology departments in Korea and promote exchanges with the field, with Professor Jusub Kim of the Department of Art and Technology at Sogang University as a moderator. A panel of three members of the Korea National University of Arts Art & Technology Research Center Director and Professor Seung-Moo Lee, Joon-Hyun Oh, Associate Professor of Digital Art Major at Seoul Institutes of Arts, Joo-Han Nam of KAIST Graduate School of Culture and Technology, and Jusub Kim from Sogang University shared activities in academia had in-depth discussion on the future of this field.

Nodeulsum Multipurpose Studio (서울 노들섬 다목적홀), 2021.2.23




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