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Bo-Young Receives Grand Prize in VR/AR Grand Challenge 2019

A team including LIM Bo-Young, a master's student of Creative Computing Group, won the Grand Prize in the VR/AR Grand Challenge 2019 held at COEX on OCT 4.

The award-winning VR art platform <MAGNET> is a work that allows artists to create their own exhibition space in VR, and designed to interact with other people using avatars in their own exhibition space. It also allows the artist to place his work in the real space where he likes using AR features.

On the other hand, the VR storytelling educational content <Save Dr. Radius Locked in Atomic World>, another work participated by LIM Bo-Young, was also awarded by the President of Korea Association of VR & AR Industry Association. This work is a VR educational material that travels the atomic world with characters and learns scientific knowledge about atoms and molecules.

Big congrats to Bo-Young!


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