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Five works accepted to ISEA 2019

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Creative Computing Group will be presenting 5 works (1 full paper, 1 demo, 2 posters, and 1 artist talk) at ISEA 2019 (International Symposium on Electronic Art) that will be held this year in Gwangju on June 22-28. Congrats to all!


Sanghyeob Lee & Jusub Kim, A.I. Ch'angga


Yunseon Son & Jusub Kim, MindPlay: An EEG-based Musical Instrument for Subconscious Ensembles

Yeorim Choi, Jihyun Park, Sey Min, & Jusub Kim, TransMotion: A ML-based Interactive System for Aesthetic Experience of Movements


Sieun Park, Suk Chon, Tiffany Lee, & Jusub Kim, Toward Experiential VR Gallery using 2.5D

Artist talk:

Federico Pianzola, Wayne de Fremery, Sanghun Kim, Jusub Kim, Katalin Balint and Stefano Parise,  Transforming literature with virtual reality and 3D printing


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