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Two Works Exhibited at SIGGRAPH ASIA 2020

In SIGGRAPH ASIA 2020 held virtually, two of Creative Computing Group master students works were selected in the Art Gallery Program.

JongKuk Won, <A Letter Across Universe>, An audiovisual installation of radio signal observation data to Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI), 2-channel projection mapping and 16-channel surround sound system, 160min Selected for <ACT Showcase: Art & Science> hosted by Asia Culture Center, exhibited at ACT Studio in Asia Culture Center

JongKuk Won (Creative Computing Group Master Student), who is one of 2020 Hyundai Motor Group's ZERO1NE artists, exhibited his work <A Letter Across Universe> at SIGGRAPH ASIA 2020 art gallery program virtually held in Dec 4-13, 2020.

Jungmin Park (Creative Computing Group Master Student) and Kyoungmin Bang, <Life: Can A Computer Have A Heart ?>

In this work, AI has a conversation with audiences. As the conversation is repeated, the expressions used by AI are gradually developed into those using emotional words resembling humans' expressions.


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