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Hyundai Motors Zero1ne Open Studio

JongKuk Won (Creative Computing Group Master Student, artist name: Unhappy Circuit, 2020 Hyundai Motors Zero1ne Artist) exhibited his recent work <Interstellar Message Written in Hangeul> in Zero1ne Open Studio in 10.30-11.20, 2020.

<Interstellar Message Written in Hangeul> is a new interstellar message designed to communicate with extraterrestrial civilizations that utilize radio communication. In particular, this message is the first Interstellar message to apply Korean characters, Hangeul, and grammar as an attempt to deliver the Earth's natural language to extraterrestrial intelligence. This is an effort to more systematically convey information about the language of the Earth towards the unknown, and at the same time emphasize the importance of reflecting the diversity of languages and characters on the planet, including Hangeul and Korean, in designing interstellar messages.


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