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Hololens + MBSR | 2022

Development of HMD AR based MBSR(Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) Program

Mindfulness, a by-product of Buddhist meditation practices, is defined as an attitude of non-judgmental acceptance of one's present mental states as they arise. In 1979, J. Kabat-Zinn came up with the idea for what would become known as the Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Program, or MBSR for short. This program eventually gained popularity all over the world due to its effectiveness. As of late, considering the progress that has been achieved in ICT technology, several different initiatives have been made to include these technologies in mindfulness. However, its utilization has not yet reached a high level, and there has been little research done on the influence of a new sort of mindfulness that incorporates these technologies. Based on raisin meditation of MBSR, this study develops wearable augmented reality-based MBSR (SHA-MBSR) and validates its efficacy. This study aims to create a program that would allow beginners of mindfulness to experience the effects of mindfulness and practice it more engagingly. To achieve this goal, SHA-MBSR was developed based on the findings of literature reviews and preliminary surveys of participants with meditation experience. Additionally, it was created as an application that can be executed on Hololens2. Upon recruiting participants and executing the experiment, it was revealed that SHA-MBSR significantly reduced stress response, state anxiety, and the negative feeling.


(in progress) Hyeseon Han and Jusub Kim, A study of wearable augmented reality-based MBSR : focusing on raisin meditation of mindfulness-based stress reduction


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