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Interstellar Message as Multidisciplinary Art | 2022

Interstellar Message is structured data intended to reach extraterrestrial intelligence, mainly through radio communication. So, The shape of the data and the structure of the information contained in the data are designed to be understandable to extraterrestrial intelligence. The purpose of the Interstellar Message is to inform extraterrestrial intelligence of the existence of Earth and humanity and to communicate with them. Until now, research and attempts on the Interstellar Message have been mainly focused on scientific fields such as radio astronomy. This is because basic knowledge of mathematics and science has been considered the only common ground between extraterrestrial intelligence and humanity. Furthermore, advances in astronomy and space engineering are major factors that increase the likelihood of interstellar communication between extraterrestrial intelligence and humanity. Considering the astronomical space-time scale between extraterrestrial intelligence and humanity, it can be seen that these conversations require generations of effort. And this effort will mature our understanding of the universe and ourselves. As such, the Interstellar Message has not only value as a scientific attempt to communicate with extraterrestrial intelligence, but also humanities value that evoke reflection on ourselves from a cosmic perspective. Above all, the process of thinking about how to explain humanity to extraterrestrial intelligence is like thinking about our own answers to the question of what we are. In other words, the Interstellar Message has an introspective meaning for humanity. For this reason, research on the Interstellar Message has been gradually developing in a direction that has a multidisciplinary nature in which perspectives in various fields are intertwined. In particular, the introspective meaning and multidisciplinary nature of the Interstellar Message has the potential to be connected to contemporary art. It means that when the Interstellar Message as a scientific attempt is handled in an artistic way, Interstellar Message has the possibility to induce a new artistic experience of thinking about ourselves from a cosmic perspective. Therefore, this research aims to discuss the scientific approach to designing a new Interstellar Message based on human natural language, and the possibility and meaning of application of new Interstellar Message as a multidisciplinary art. This is to emphasize that the pursuit of true conversation based on deep understanding of each other should be an important direction in the design of Interstellar Messages in the future, by guiding extraterrestrial intelligence to understand the unique characteristics of humans interacting with natural language. In addition, this is to discuss the possibility of expanding our awareness of ourselves and the universe implicit in the efforts toward the new Interstellar Message.


(in Progress) Jongkuk Won and Jusub Kim, Design of Interstellar Message Based on Natural Language and Application as Multidisciplinary Art


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