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Conversational movie trailer and poster | 2022

With the development of information and communication technology, it has changed not only the way we watch video contents such as movies or TV series, but also the way we browse content to decide what to watch. Especially with the advent of video streaming services, the method of obtaining movie-related information through mobile devices is drawing attention. However, in terms of movie information retrieval, research on the user experience suitable for the new digital mobile environment is insignificant. Therefore, we propose a new movie search method in video streaming services through interactive poster and trailer that break the fourth wall between characters and users. It was designed to enable interaction with characters in a poster and trailer provided by mobile streaming services for movie browsing. Twenty-nine participants in their 20s and 30s participated in the experiment. As a result of the evaluation, it was found that the interaction with the characters in the poster and trailer raises the intention and expectation of watching the movie. This study is significant in that it not only raises expectations and intentions to watch a movie through conversational interaction, but also provides a new type of enjoyment that can be experienced before watching a movie.


(in progress) Boyoung Lim and Jusub Kim, Conversational Movie Trailer and Poster that increase watching intentions


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