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영원한 증언 Eternal Testimony | 2018-Present

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

As of May 2018, there are only 28 survivors of the Japanese military comfort women (As of Nov 2023, only 9). We initiate the '영원한 증언 Eternal Testimony' project, a novel way to preserve our history for all perpetuity in a vivid and memorable way. Inspired by NDT project at USC ( for holocaust survivors, the 'Eternal Testimony' project records the testimony of the victims of Japanese military comfort women in a new way. With artificial intelligence technology, we offer a virtual experience of meeting and interacting with them in person. This project, started in 2018, is on-going project and is currently sponsored by Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. In 2020, we held a pilot beta exhibit in the LeeJuYeon Gallery at Sogang University. We successfully finished a 6-month beta exhibit in Seoul and Daegu in 2021.

Project Team

Director: 김주섭

2021 Beta-Exhibition Team

Conversation Review: 김현정, 신유진, 곽수아, 송가윤, 이석현

Design: 송진경, 김성백

Docent: 박세원, 신혜주

Technology: 최선우, 김동호

영상아카이브: 최근우

2020 Production Team

Content Team: 김상용(Leader), 임보영, 한혜선, 이창민, 박종호

AI Team: 조은경(Leader), 박정민, 최선우, 김소희, 유하은, 정어진

Exhibit Team: 김현정(Leader), 장윤영, 원종국

Consulting: 한혜인, 최기자, 신성희, 김지민,김태호

2019 Production Team

Researcher: 하승완, 한혜선

Production: 임보영, 한혜선, 장윤영, 이상협

Post-Production: 임보영, 한혜선, 장윤영

2018 Pilot Production Team

Production: 하승완, 박찬우

Promotion Video: 하승완, 장윤영, 강은정(출연)

System Development Software: 박성훈, Data Processing: 최여림, 손윤선


Ministry of Gender Equality and Family - Women's Human Rights Institute of Korea (Research Institute on Japanese Military Sexual Slavery)

CARE (Comfort Women Action for Redress and Education)

Robin-Hwajin Yoon Kim Foundation

Special Thanks

USC Shoah Foundation

Media Coverage

SBS 특선 다큐멘터리(22.8.14) 홀로 기억. 홀로 기록


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