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영원한 증언 Eternal Testimony | 2018-Present

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

As of Jun 2020, there are only 17 survivors of the Japanese military comfort women. We are initiating the '영원한 증언 Eternal Testimony' project, a novel way to preserve our history for all perpetuity in a vivid and memorable way. Inspired by NDT project at USC ( for holocaust survivors, the 'Eternal Testimony' project records the testimony of the victims of Japanese military comfort women in a new way. With artificial intelligence technology, we offer a virtual experience of meeting and interacting with them in person. This project, started in 2018, is on-going project and is currently sponsored by Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. In 2020, we held a pilot beta exhibit in the LeeJuYeon Gallery at Sogang University. We plan to have a 6-month beta exhibit in 2021 before the official world-wide exhibit in 2022.

Media Coverage

Research Team

Director: 김주섭

2020 Production Team

Content Team: 김상용(Leader), 임보영, 한혜선, 이창민, 박종호

AI Team: 조은경(Leader), 박정민, 최선우, 김소희, 유하은, 정어진

Exhibit Team: 김현정(Leader), 장윤영, 원종국

Consulting: 한혜인, 최기자, 신성희, 김지민,김태호

2019 Production Team

Researcher: 하승완, 한혜선

Production: 임보영, 한혜선, 장윤영, 이상협

Post-Production: 임보영, 한혜선, 장윤영

2018 Pilot Production Team

Production: 하승완, 박찬우

Promotion Video: 하승완, 장윤영, 강은정(출연)

System Development Software: 박성훈, Data Processing: 최여림, 손윤선


Ministry of Gender Equality and Family - Women's Human Rights Institute of Korea (Research Institute on Japanese Military Sexual Slavery)

CARE (Comfort Women Action for Redress and Education)

Robin-Hwajin Yoon Kim Foundation

Special Thanks

USC Shoah Foundation

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