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Theater of the Future | Monet & Debussy | 2013

Claude Monet (1840-1926) and Claude Debussy (1862 -1918), the two french artists pursued impressionism in painting and music respectively. This live animation theatre project aims to show an imaginary encounter of the two pioneers in impressionism. The visual projected on the backside of the concert hall is interactively animated upon a musician's live performance. This generative art tries to offer audience an unique opportunity of seeing what Monet might have seen in his perception if he had listened to Debussy's  Violin Sonata in G minor when he painted the parliament series in London. 

Select scenes from 'Monet listens to Debussy' concert. The animation is based on Monet's parliament series (1900-1905)

Jusub Kim, Monet Listens to Debussy, Suseong Artpia Concert Hall, South Korea, 2013


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