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2.5-D Conversion for More Immersive HMD VR Exhibition Experience | 2019

Unlike physical galleries, VR exhibitions can provide an experience that allows visitors to view the works realistically without any time and space constraints. However, the vast majority of HMD based VR exhibitions use the traditional curating method used in physical galleries. The traditional curating method overlooks the possibility that virtual reality technology that can create, transform, and destroy everything in real time can provide. In this paper, we propose a method that can easily transform 2-D artworks into content that has a sense of 3-D space while maintaining originality providing users with performative and multi-sensory experience rather than contemplative experience in VR exhibition. In order to examine the effectiveness of the proposed method, a comparison experiment with a typical VR exhibition method was conducted on 40 people in their 20s and 30s. In the experiment results, users reported more immersive experiences with statistically significant differences in the proposed VR exhibition method. This study can be used to provide a more immersive experience in VR exhibitions, which are expected to increase in demand.


Sieun Park and Jusub Kim, Converting 2-D Artworks into 2.5-D Content for More Immersive HMD VR Exhibition Experience, Journal of Digital Contents Society Vol. 21, No. 4, pp. 653-661, Apr. 2020


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